About Us


Our message and mission is to do love and share love, encouraging one human at a time. We do love, because love is an action word.


"The rules for LOVE are simple: Everybody, Always!" - Bob Goff

Love is our true vibration, it is the natural essence that we were born.

We believe you are already love, you just need to remember and practice! To remain in that state one should practice love through actions of kindness, compassion, joy with yourself and others. In order to continuously practice we need to be motivated. "None of the great human values  that keep us and society in check-i.e...kindness, love, honesty, fairness, unity, tolerance, respect, responsibility- would flourish if we were not motivated to bring them to life." -Brendon Burchard 

We seek to motivate you loved ones that choose to see us, love us.

Moonrockstoroses is grown and based in California, we create healing crystal jewelry with universal energy,Love wears, healing teas with the intention that we are all connected. Awakening that buried love, to help heal your heart and soul. Through messages of love we inspire and remind you to keep on your journey of love, self love and love for others.

Rose, the owner and designer, has been in the fashion industry for 25 years, she has an intuitive fashion sense that has been nurtured over the years on fashion shoots and catwalks. She has been dubbed the "love ambassador" ,always encouraging others to self heal thru universal energy, vibrational energy and crystal energy by using the power of love within them. She believes most of us can heal ourselves through universal energy, internal energy and find true joy in the life they live.

Please let us know what energies you are looking to heal, we will do our best to make recommendations based on our experiences and knowledge. You can visit us on instagram page #moonrockstoroses and on Facebook.com/Moon Rocks To Roses LLC Love.


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