Amethyst Mala


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This is one of my favorite gemstones, next to rose quartz. I have them all over my home and particularly next to my bed, I put one under my pillow for sweet dreams.

Amethyst is a great stone for creativity and relieving stress. It is said to promote restful sleep and can induce prophetic dreams, I can attest to this. Amethyst may help with addiction and can help ease migraines.


The 8mm gemstones are hand knotted by hand, there are sandalwood beads on the mala. Sandalwood beads have a soothing fragrance, they were the original beads used in the malas monks use for meditation.


The mala is 17 inches long and has a purple silk tassle.


Disclaimer: If you suffer from serious medical conditions please consult a medical professional. My suggestions are based on spiritual and energetic healing and should not be used instead of your prescribed medication or doctors advice.