Heart Healing Abundance Kit


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We lovingly put together some Crystal kits to help you with harnessing positive energies and clearing the energies that no longer serve you. We recommend using this kit for Heart Healing and Energy Cleansing. We also welcome you to use it in any way you instincts lead you. Each kit comes with intentions we find useful with these crystals and instructions on how to use you kit for your higher good.



This kit contains:


~A Rose Quartz angel with heart wings

~Selenite wand 

~Pyrite nuggets (3 raw stones)

~1 sage buddle (white sage) 

~intention and how to use



Rose Quartz: is known as the heart stone. It is the stone of universal love. It speaks to the heart chakra. Aides in restoring love, healing the heart and bringing hormony.

Selenite: aides in cleansing the mind and space of negative energy and bad vibes.

Pyrite: considered a lucky stone, because it is known to attract abundance and wealth.

White Sage: used to deep cleanse a space of negative energy and raise the vibrations of your space. 


Please note that these stones and crystals are natural products, sometimes they have small imperfections and blemishes.