Rose Quartz Angel


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This sweet little angel with heart wings measures approximately 1 inch tall and has a wingspan of 2mm, hand carved from Rose Quartz.


She is perfect for your altar to to carry with you as a reminder of the love you are. A wonderful gift for children, as they head off to lead their own lives. A reminder that they are love and loved.


The price is for 1 angel

She is saged and blessed comes in a cotton bag. 


Rose Quartz: known as the stone of Love. A gemstone that carries the power to emotionally heal, releasing stress and negativity, and opening up the flow of unconditional love. Rose Quartz aids us in dissolving emotional wounds, and amplifies feelings of hope and trust. Rose Quartz stimulates the Heart Chakra and flows to support all other chakras- and is a very soothing, joyous gemstone.



Crystals and gemstones are naturally occuring, sometimes they have small imperfections and blemishes, no two are alike.